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my internet has been down all week so I’ve had to survive without any tweets or videos or blogging or anything and I’m going away this week so I’m hella inactive at the moment sorry

Anonymous: Hi, I'm worried about my boyfriend. He tried to kill himself about a month ago and has been off school since then, but he's coming back in like 2 weeks and he's really nervous and he doesn't want to come to school because of his scars and because people will judge him, what can I do to help him?

im so sorry to hear this and i’d love to be able to say do A, B and C and poof he’ll be cured and everything will be fine but I can’t. My personal advice would just be to be there for him don’t be ashamed to hold his hand even if his scars are showing. 

these websites are specifically for suicide prevention and are trained advisers (which i am not), although you yourself may not be suicidal i would still recommend calling them so you can be given professional advise about what to do and how to act in this situation. 

wishing you all the love in the world stay strong <3

Anonymous: Why are people getting angry over this so don't understand

idk my friend

Anonymous: I'm a hardcore Zalfie shipper and I don't think your post was disrespectful in anyway. Of course you know it's their choice if they stay together and if they're not happy I'm sure they wouldn't just stay together bc of the viewers. You, as many of us can tell how happy they are and I myself think I just couldn't see them ever breaking up. Which of course anything could happen but I just don't see it. Don't worry about it.

thank you! i jut feel like my whole comment got blown way out of proportion. You’ve literally summed it up perfectly btw <3

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